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Dumbledore – Dead or Alive?

Posted by Laura on May 19, 2007

I believe that he is dead – I have a co-worker who believes that he is alive. What do you think and why?


5 Responses to “Dumbledore – Dead or Alive?”

  1. maxine said

    I am afraid he is dead. My daughters and I, and their cousins, all had the theory that he was alive after reading book 6. But then we listened to the book on tape while driving across France last summer, which meant we had to go at a slow pace and listen to every word. I am afraid that there is no room for doubt, he is dead. Tragically so.

  2. Allison said

    Yeah, I just reread the series, and there’s no way around it. A thought would be that Nicolas Flamel would help him out, but he’s been dead for a long time.

  3. Jo-Jo said

    I would like to believe he’s still alive but something tells me he’s not because i think it’s quite hard to end something like this mega-series at a 7th book if dumbledore is still alive. Its possible he is alive and will die in the 7th but that seems redundent.

  4. Laura said


    Well, if you have read the last book you know that he was absolutely and truly dead.

  5. brooke said

    i think dumbledore is dead. but i also think hes alive. i dont know.

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