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Professor Snape – Good or Evil?

Posted by Laura on May 19, 2007

The debate over Professor Snape being good or evil has been raging on for years. What do you think now, right before the seventh book is going to be published? I think he is good.


6 Responses to “Professor Snape – Good or Evil?”

  1. dplmanga said

    EVIL!!! Evil! Evil!!!

  2. James said

    I don’t think i’d call him “Good”, but he almost definitely isn’t evil… Or is he?

  3. maxine said

    I think he was acting according to Dumbledore’s instructions, and is on the “good side”. But because of the many unnecessarily mean things he has done to Harry in previous books, I can’t say I think he is “good” entirely. Or even very much. So his heart is in the right place but he is a cold fish — and will probably get his just desserts in book 7.

  4. Jo-Jo said

    I think he’s good but just uber mean. Plain and simple.

  5. Alyssa said

    I think he was once a subject of Voldemort but has turned against him. I think he’s good but every once and a while he remembers about being on Voldemort’s side. I also think he’s just plain mean.

  6. Claire said

    He’s in it for himself, blows with the wind — whoever is in power is Snape’s ally.He’s all about surviving.

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