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Summer reading & Booklists & Blogs

Posted by Laura on July 2, 2007

A lot of people signed up for the Teen Summer Reading program and a few completed cards have already been turn in. To keep you going I want to mention that the Big Books for Teens List distributed in the reading packet is a fairly short list. Check out the longer list on the library website, or use the link on this blog. We are adding to the list as we add big books to the library collection.

The If You Like Harry Potter booklist has been updated. You may find some authors on the list that are new to you. Check out the Harry Potter: from the beginning to the end bookletters also. Not only will you find information about the books, but also links to the movie previews.

Do you like Manga and Graphic Novels? Check out Sarah’s blog on what is new at the library and for suggestions on what to read. Have you read some of the books on her blog? I know someone must be reading them because I have keep waiting for my turn… I like the Kindaichi Case Files.

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One Response to “Summer reading & Booklists & Blogs”

  1. Laura said

    The summer reading program concluded on July 27th. I figured I would give you the statistics.

    The number of folders handed out: Main 77, Mount Royal 56, West Duluth 31

    The number of teen reader cards returned: Main 56, Mount Royal 38, West Duluth 17

    The number of book reviews turned in: Main 91, Mount Royal 53, West Duluth 20

    The total number of hours of reading reported to all three locations 2135 hours.

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