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Life As It Comes – Anne-Laure Bondoux

Posted by Laura on September 10, 2007

Life As It Comes: “After their parents are killed in a car accident, sisters Mado, fifteen, and Patty, twenty, try to cope, but when the irresponsible and impulsive Patty gets pregnant and expects Mado to take charge of everything, life becomes increasingly difficult.”

Because this book was translated from the French and is set in Europe, it has some cultural and societal differences from our own.  If you had been at Tires Plus on Saturday morning you would have seen me reading snatches of the book to my mother and talking about the rest stops with nursery nooks.  I am used to seeing a changing table in the bathroom, not a separate room to take care of the child.

One of the great things about reading fiction is seeing how other people live, or how other people might live.  I like reading about people in different areas of the country and in different areas of the world.  It is a lot less expensive then airfare – all it costs is my library card.


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