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Side Effects – Amy Goldman Koss

Posted by Laura on September 10, 2007

Some people really like reading books by Lurlene McDaniel where a teen gets cancer, learns something moving about life, and then dies. I prefer when the teen lives.

The book Side Effects tells the reader first thing that Izzy is going to live. Even the summery states, “Everything changes for Isabelle, not quite fifteen, when she is diagnosed with lymphoma–but eventually she survives and even thrives.”

Not that the road to survival is pretty.  How would you react if you had cancer, or your best friend did?


3 Responses to “Side Effects – Amy Goldman Koss”

  1. Anabella said

    I love reading Lurlene McDonald. Even though half of the characters do die, and I cry through every book. So, Hey, I might like this book. I gotta find it and try it.

  2. id be like ah!!!!!!!!!

  3. haha i wouldnt care about my stupid best firndd~~

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