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Stuff: The Life of a Cool Demented Dude – Jeremy Strong

Posted by Laura on September 10, 2007

Here is a funny boy coming of age book, interspersed with drawings and a serial comic strip.

Life is rough when your dad’s girlfriend moves into the house with her teenage daughter who happens to be the same age that you are. What is almost worse is the enormous angora rabbit that hates men. Don’t expect to walk through the house unscathed. There is also a bit about how not to prepare a bubble bath. I couldn’t help but laugh at the result.

Here is the book‘s summery, “Fourteen-year-old Simon, known as Stuff, struggles with his new stepfamily, tries to avoid a giant attack rabbit, hopes to break up with his girlfriend and connect with a new one, and creates cartoons of “Punykid’s battle with drooling dorkoids.””


7 Responses to “Stuff: The Life of a Cool Demented Dude – Jeremy Strong”

  1. Shanza said

    I have this book but it doesn’t have that cover! WATS THAT ABOUT!!!! IM CONFUSED!!!

  2. Laura said

    You, my friend, have the paperback.

    This program won’t let me add the image to the comment of the post, so I have added the paperback cover to the regular blog post.

    The cover on the left is the hardcover edition, the cover on the right is the paperback. Which do you prefer?

  3. Laura said

    And, while you are at it – did you like the book?

  4. Murphy said

    i would love to see a movie about this book

  5. Ty said

    this book kept me up all night becouse of all the twist and truns
    i ussually never read but i coulnt put this book down.

  6. Sammy said

    I second to the making of a film about this book, so funny, literally spent hours non stop reading this book. Plus, I also would never read a book like this but I have to say it was a fantastic read.

  7. AJ said

    hi im anna im 12 and i am looking for the play away version of the book i have ME so reading sometimes tiers me so i got stuff at the library on playaway and i loved it but i want to buy it and i cant find it anywere dose any one know were i can find it?

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