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Author Tamora Pierce – Song of the Lioness ; Daughter of the Lioness

Posted by Laura on November 2, 2007

I’d like to say that Tamora Pierce is an awesome writer! All of her books are very good. Alanna the Lioness is very good example. It’s set in a world, not earth. The book is about how Alanna wants to become a knight but of course girls don’t become knights! So she must disguise herself as a boy. It’s so intriguing to see how she deals with things like strength, women hood, and boys that must not find out the truth. There are four books in the series.
Alanna, In the hand of the goddess, The woman who rides like a man, and Lioness rampant

Tamora also wrote the Trickster’s Choice and the Trickster’s Queen. (they’re together) It’s set in the same world as Alanna the Lioness, but the time is set some years after Alanna’s story. This is how Aly wants to become a spy, like her father, and her adventure to become a spy even though it is against her mothers and fathers better judgment.

This post was from Mackenzie.


2 Responses to “Author Tamora Pierce – Song of the Lioness ; Daughter of the Lioness”

  1. Laura said

    Mackenzie –

    I agree with you that Tamora Pierce is a fantastic writer.

  2. Laura said

    Trickster’s Choice was a Teens Top Ten winner from 2004.

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