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Defect – Will Weaver

Posted by Laura on January 19, 2008

Defect by Will Weaver is about fifteen-year-old David, a teen who has spent much of his childhood in foster homes in Minnesota.  He has bug eyes and “hearing aids,” he smells strange and he can glide.  He gets kicked out of his high school over fallout from his “suicide attempt” where he jumped off a cliff to teach the school bullies a lesson.  He ends up in an alternative school for “young people who need a more nontraditional learning environment” (p. 19).  Here he meets Cheetah, a girl who may change his life just by accepting him for who he is.  But can he accept himself?


One Response to “Defect – Will Weaver”

  1. maria said

    This book is totally incredible. Finally, a book that talks about true struggles. I definently think that David finds a treasure that comes along with his difficult struggles and it is worth it. Since David has felt his whole life feeling pretty much “unwanted”- meating Cheetah changes his life and changes his outlook on life. I would recomend this book to anyone (13 and above). Not only did Cheetah change David but she changed me and David changed Cheetah and me, too. I love it.

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