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Beauty Shop For Rent…Fully Equipped, Inquire Within – Laura Bowers

Posted by Laura on May 16, 2008

Almost fifteen-year-old Abbey has a plan. She will be a millionaire by the time she turns 35. Her mom left Abbey with Granny Po, Abbey’s great-grandmother, four years ago with a promise to return by winter. Abbey has decided she will not be like the women in her family. She will not have a child when she is a teenager and she will not let her life be ruined by a man.  She will not be like her mom and move every time something goes wrong.

Abbey works in Granny Po’s beauty shop sweeping the floors, organizing the towels, shampooing and cutting hair. She reads good bits out loud from the gossip magazines and beats everyone at Wheel of fortune. She saves the money she earns from tips and she is afraid that everything will change if the sign on the front lawn, Beauty Shop For Rent…Fully Equipped, Inquire Within is answered. Everything is good, the plan is working, she has friends and volunteering.  Then one day Gena arrives and the beauty shop changes.  Life gets even better.

And then mom shows up.


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