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Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow – Jessica Day George

Posted by Laura on May 23, 2008

Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow is a retelling of the fairy tale East of the Sun, West of the Moon. A poor family had a ninth child and the mother refused to name her. So, they called her the Pika (girl). A nameless child may fall prey to trolls, thus the Pika had to be careful.

The Pika loved her oldest brother who had gone away for a time and came back changed. When she has the opportunity to help him and her poor family, she jumps at the chance. She ends up at an ice castle living with an isbjorn (ice bear – polar bear) and a gargoyle, a faun and a pixie, among others, as servants. Fortunately, the Pika also has her wolf, Rollo. She has all she can eat and lots of books to read, but she has little company and she misses her family.

I enjoyed reading this book, but I wish I had thought to look for the glossary when I first started reading the book. I would then have been pronouncing the names correctly. So, learn from my mistake, and check out the back – but only for the glossary, don’t ruin the ending for yourself. This book has been nominated for the Teens Top Teen list of books for 2008. And now I know why.


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