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Summer Reading Program – Plug In To Your Library

Posted by Laura on June 23, 2008

It is time to sign up for the summer reading program!!

Pick up a packet (and a color changing cup) between today and July 3, 2008 and read.  New this year – You don’t have to write book reviews – however, I would LOVE it if you would comment on this blog about books that you have read.  PLEASE?  (Can you hear the whining? – clears throat…)  Or, if you read graphic novels or manga (a choice on your teen reader card) you can comment on Sarah’s blog.

What do you get if you complete a card (20 hours of required reading and a variety of formats and genres)?  Coupons for Aquafina Alive (from Bernick’s), a game of bowling at the Incline Station, and we have 50 $1.00 tickets for Marcus Theatres – so, a movie for a buck – but you can’t use them on Saturdays.

You also get to choose one of the following:  a CD/DVD cleaner, a transformer pen or a set of ear bud headphones.  And your Teen Reader Card is used for the drawing at the end of the program.  US Bank has donated 6 $50.00 pre loaded charge cards that can be used almost anywhere! 

So, come and Plug In To Your Library. 


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