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My Most Excellent Year – Steve Kluger

Posted by Laura on September 3, 2008

Ms. LaFontaine assigned her eleventh grade class to write about “My Totally Excellent Year.” After they balked over the title (and changed it), three chose to write about the year they were in ninth grade.

T.C.’s mom died when he was six, and because of that loss, he acquired a new brother. Augie was the only one who knew how to talk to T.C. Soon Augie’s parents were T.C.’s “Mom” and “Dad,” and T.C.’s father was “Pop” to them both.

Alejandra’s father had been the ambassador to Mexico, and Ale was to enter the family business. The problem was that she constantly put her foot in her mouth and offended dignitaries at official functions.

The story is about friendship, first loves, the families we are born with, and the families we choose. It is told through journal entries, E-mails, chats, newspaper articles and posters. In My Most Excellent Year : A Novel of Love, Mary Poppins & Fenway Park , there is sports, music, dancing, acting, political action, discovery of sexual orientation, sign-language and, yes, Julie Andrews.

This is a fantastic novel of acceptance and encouragement.  And it’s funny.


One Response to “My Most Excellent Year – Steve Kluger”

  1. Laura said

    This book won the 2009 Amelia Elizabeth Walden Award. This is a new award for “the title of the year most relevant to adolescents and having enjoyed a wide and appreciative teenage audience.” For more information on this award please visit ALAN Online

    That being said – I still love the book and I read it over a year ago. Fond memories.

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