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The Kayla Chronicles – Sherri Winston

Posted by Laura on October 7, 2008

Kayla’s friend Rosalie has a plan. Because Kayla is a fantastic dancer, she should try out for the high school’s dance team, The Royal Palm Academy’s Lady Lions, and prove that girls who have a small bra size aren’t good enough for the team no mater their dancing skills. Then Kayla, who is also a fantastic writer and is planning to be a journalist, is to write an article and expose the Lady Lions for only choosing members for “their measurements instead of their talents.”

Kayla has always wanted to try out for the Lady Lions, but she can’t tell Rosalie that she really wants to be on the team. Rosalie’s plan falls to pieces when Kayla makes the team. But now, can Kayla still be a feminist and be on the dance team? Find out in The Kayla Chronicles.


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