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The Adoration of Jenna Fox – Mary E. Pearson

Posted by Laura on October 27, 2008

Jenna doesn’t remember who she is.  She watches the discs of her life.  Each year, every seemingly significant and insignificant aspect of a life, yet she doesn’t remember any of it.  There had been an accident a year ago.  Two weeks ago she woke up.

She can’t eat normal food yet, she can only drink her nutrients.  She has learned how to smile.  The mechanics of smiling, anyway.  Soon she gets flashes of her memory.  She remembers two friends that she had before, and she wonders where they are.   She remembers details of her life that she shouldn’t be able to remember.  She remembers something that happened to her when she was two years old, and this something was not recorded on the discs of her life.

Before the accident, Jenna’s family had lived in Boston, but when she woke up she, her mother and her grandmother were living in California.  Her dad, a doctor and an inventor of some renown, remained in Boston.   Her mother doesn’t give her a good reason why they had moved.  She doesn’t give Jenna good reasons for many things that are happening.  Shortly, Jenna decides that it is time to go to school, because going to school is normal, even though she doesn’t feel normal.

Read about how far someone can go for love in The Adoration of Jenna Fox.


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