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Forever Changes – Brendan Halpin

Posted by Laura on January 27, 2009

Math is good.  So is the book Forever Changes.  Here we meet Brianna Pelletier, an eighteen-year old high school senior with cystic fibrosis who has a fantastic mind for math.

Her mind is so good, in fact, that she could get into MIT.  If she lives that long.  And the math on that doesn’t look good.  Especially when one of the variables is her body which produces thick mucus and makes it very difficult to breathe.

I recommend this book to those who liked Before I Die by Jenny Downham.  Both novels are moving stories with characters that will stay with you long after you have put down the book.  And, as with Jenny Downham’s book, I recommend you have tissues ready.


2 Responses to “Forever Changes – Brendan Halpin”

  1. Brendan said

    Thank you for the nice post. I’m glad you liked the book!

  2. Laura said

    “Liked” isn’t strong enough. I loved it and spent two days waving the book at others saying how good it is.

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