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Purchase Request Form

Posted by Laura on February 11, 2009

Have you ever gone to a bookstore and seen a book that you really wanted to read, but didn’t want to buy?   – Yes.  Did you then check the library catalog?  – Hopefully.

If you check our catalog and see that we don’t own a book that you really want to read, fill out a purchase request form and we may buy the book.  And when it arrives, you will be the first to read it.  If, that is, you were the first to request it…  If we don’t buy the book, you can request it through our Interlibrary Loan process.  (It looks hard, but it is really easy.)

There is a link to the purchase request form in the right side column of this blog under – Library Links -.  That way you won’t have to keep looking for this post to request future titles.  Just note now where the link is.

Either way you will get the book.  It may not be instant gratification, but still, ahhh…reading!

[Now – if you don’t live in Duluth, or the Arrowhead Library System, please don’t fill out these purchase request or Interlibrary Loan forms… Check with your local library.  Cheers!]


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