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Little Brother – Cory Doctorow

Posted by Laura on March 17, 2009

Little Brother is a novel set in the scary near future where the Department of Homeland Security gets free reign in San Francisco after a terrorist attack.

Seventeen-year-old Marcus was just playing a game with his friends (okay,  so they all escaped school to play the game) when they were picked up in a sweep immediately after the attack.  Marcus was interrogated for days about his “involvement.”  (And when I say interrogated, I don’t mean just asked repeatedly.  I mean bound-up, not-fed, not-given-a-chance-to-use-the-bathroom, and all-around-humiliated interrogated.)  When he was released he was told he could tell no one about what happened to him.  Ever.

It was a pretty horrid attack, but living in the city afterwords is no picnic either.  Schools already had security cameras in the halls that tracked people by their gaits, just imagine what they did afterwords.  Do you think you can have a good discussion in Social Studies about the Bill of Rights? Well, you had better be careful of what you say when classrooms have cameras recording everything.

Imagine it:   you can’t get around the city without having every movement recorded,  you are repeatedly stopped and questioned, the Internet is being surveilled and the media is getting all the stories wrong.  Eventually the hackers will figure out a way to communicate.  This is that story.


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