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Streams of Babel – Carol Plum-Ucci

Posted by Laura on April 8, 2009

When Cora’s mother dies of a brain aneurysm, she is embarrassed that people will know how she has been living for the past three years.  Her mother had been addicted to morphine since her injured return from an accident overseas four years ago.  When a neighbor suddenly falls ill and dies the same night, with similar symptoms but no drug addiction, Scott, the neighbor’s son and a paramedic in training, becomes suspicious.

Shahzad, a sixteen-year-old virtual spy in Pakistan who is working for the United States Intelligence Coalition, finds chatter about water poisonings in “Colony One.”  He is determined to find out where Colony One is and who is responisible.  But, once he leaves Pakistan, he can only do as much as his American handlers allow.  For a country that talks up freedom, his freedom to research is seriously curtailed once he enters the United States.

Streams of Babel is set in February and March of 2002, shortly after the attacks of 9-11; shortly after the anthrax outbreaks. This attack is centralized and only a few people fall ill.  But how are they falling ill from poisoned water when all the water towers have been tested and found to be safe?

This novel is suspenseful, exciting and mysterious.


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