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Eternal – Cynthia Leitich Smith

Posted by Laura on June 29, 2009

Eternal is nominated for the Teens’ Top Ten list for 2009.

Zachary is a guardian angel.  Miranda is his assignment.  He has been her GA for all of her live.  And now, she is dead.  She should have died naturally, but Zachary stopped her intended death, and what happened was worse.  Now she is a vampire.  And Zachary is wingless.

Miranda arises as Dracul’s heir needing to learn all the pomp and circumstance that the role entails.  Luckily she can hire a personal assistant.  Who do you bet gets the job?

This novel is set in the same parallel world as Tantalize, which I haven’t read yet, but which is going on my list right now.  I expect that there will be more vampires and were-whatevers.


One Response to “Eternal – Cynthia Leitich Smith”

  1. Laura said

    I have now finished Tantalize. And I can tell you – yes on the vampires and the were-whatevers. Of the two books, I preferred Eternal. But, I may still read the cross over book that she is as of yet still writing called Blessed when it comes out in 2011 – or so they are currently thinking…

    I think the books end rather abruptly. If you were charting the story like in Jr. High (or Middle School), there would be no falling action. None. There is a climax to the story and then it is done. Or, as in the book “‘Adios.’ … ‘Addio.’ … Good-bye.”

    I just checked out her website, and I see that a graphic novel of Tantalize will be released in December switching the point of view of the main character from Quincie to Kieren. That should be interesting.

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