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You’ve got blackmail – Rachel Wright

Posted by Laura on August 10, 2009

Lauren/Lozzie/Loz Cracknell has a hard time remembering to post the mail from her mother’s salon.  The mail she forgot to post a few days ago was invitations for tonight’s party.  Oops.

Loz calls her friend Dex in a panic and he figures out that they can deliver the invitations themselves on bikes.  So, Loz survives.

But, it turns out that one of the letters wasn’t an invitation to the party.   You’ve got blackmail by Rachel Wright has bullies (but I am not sure who the original bully was…), blackmail, tortoises, a wannabe assassin and possibly a budding romance or two.  And, there is the mystery of who is being blackmailed, why they are being blackmailed, and who is the blackmailer.

This book has a similar flavor to the Georgia Nicolson stories by Louise Rennison.


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