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Super Stock Rookie – Will Weaver

Posted by Laura on August 14, 2009

Trace Bonham is back in book two of Will Weaver’s Motor Novels.  Super Stock Rookie starts with Trace, his dad, and a few buddies caravanning to  North Dakota so Trace can tryout for a new racing team scouting for a hot young driver.  He is looking pretty good after his win in his Street Stock at the Headwaters Speedway earlier in the month.

The Super Stock is a different type of car, but it still rides on a dirt track.  And Trace is good at driving on dirt tracks.  But, so are all of the others at the tryout.  Team Blu is looking for a good driver, with a good face, a good attitude and good grammar.  Trace just wonders what Team Blu is selling.

This book drives us to new tracks and back to the Headwaters.  Characters return from the first book, Saturday Night Dirt, but quite a few new characters are introduced.  Team Blu adds an edge to the regular Minnesota dirt track racing.  And not everybody is happy.

But, what a car.


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