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Black is for beginnings – Laurie Faria Stolarz

Posted by dplmanga on August 26, 2009

Black is for beginnings is a graphic novel set in the Blue is for nightmares universe. This is an original story describing the early adventures of Stacy and Jacob.  If you liked the rest of the series this graphic novel is a must.


2 Responses to “Black is for beginnings – Laurie Faria Stolarz”

  1. jade said

    okay for one thing the first for books were amazing and i read them 3 times each and every time i got chills, but to make one of 5! graphic novels is torture!!!! people read and make images of each character its half the fun of reading! no one wants a good book ruined by pictures. we would read magazines or comics in the news paper for that trash! now i have yet to read the 5th for various reasons but to put pictures is an insane mistake many people read these books and were disgusted to find a graphic npvel instead of just a regular book! i am one of many who feel this NEVER MAKE THAT DECISION AGAIN

    • dplmanga said

      There is a trend for writing graphic novels to go with pre-existing novels. Sometimes it is very good and sometimes not so much.

      The Alex Rider graphic novels are straight adaptions of the original novels. Action scenes translate well into a graphic format.

      Other authors choose to use graphic novels to tell side stories and other short stories. Erin Hunter’s Warriors graphic novels describe various characters’ pasts or a minor character’s adventures away from the main storyline.

      Meg Cabot just did the sequel to Avalon High as a set of three graphic novels. I believe this was successful because she had more books to work with.

      I love graphic novels. (Obviously, since I buy them!) I do agree however, that not every story can be told in that format.

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