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Slant – Laura E. Williams

Posted by Laura on September 1, 2009

When her crush, Sean, calls her “Slant” one day, she decides this is it.   Lauren is ready.  She has been saving all of her money for a long time.  She just has to find an adult to take her to the doctor.

Lauren’s mom is dead, and she doesn’t think she can convince her father to let her have the operation.  But when her grandmother comes to visit, her mom’s mom, Lauren has an ally.  Lauren is a Korean-American adoptee and  she wants her eyes to look more like the rest of the people at school.

Lauren’s little sister is a Chinese-American adoptee and is as cute as a bug. Her father has finally begun dating.  It has been three years since Lauren’s mother died and the woman that her dad is dating is nice.  Lauren’s best friend is beautiful and talented and while she is preoccupied with her weight, she would stick up for Lauren against anything.

In Slant by Laura E. Williams, Lauren doesn’t make the best decisions, such as getting her five-year-old  sister’s ears pierced because she said she want’s “to be pretty too.”  (p. 36)  But the decision to get her eyes done is one she has thought about for a long time.  If she looks like everyone else, people will treat her differently.  Right?


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