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The Mealworm Diaries – Anna Kerz

Posted by Laura on September 1, 2009

Jeremy and his mom recently moved to Toronto from rural Nova Scotia.  This means that he is in a new school with people he doesn’t know.  His new teacher is okay and really likes science.  When the class divides up into partners to study mealworms, no one chooses Jeremy  so he is left with the boy everyone calls Aaron Cantwait.  Aaron can’t sit still and he can’t stop talking.

But Aaron is only one of Jeremy’s problems.  Another is the nightmares he often has where he wakes up soaking wet.  The school is also getting new gym uniforms and Jeremy will have to wear shorts that will show the ugly scar on his leg.

The Mealworm Diaries by Anna Kerz covers life, death and some of the changes in between.  Sometimes bad things happen.


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