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Gym Candy – Carl Deuker

Posted by Laura on September 28, 2009

Football has been the most important thing in Mick Johnson’s life since forever.  Mick’s dad, a past professional football player, made sure that Mick started kindergarten a year later then he should have so that he would have a size advantage over his team mates.

That, along with Mick’s drive and talent earn him a spot on the high school varsity team as a freshman halfback.  But, when he gets his chance on the field he gets stopped twelve inches short of the goal.

He just wasn’t strong enough.  And he is determined that next year he will be.  He lifts weights.  He takes supplements and protein shakes.  His dad brings him to a gym that has better equipment than at the school.  He also sets him up with a personal trainer.  And the trainer?  He sets Mick up with something else altogether.

Gym Candy by Carl Deuker follows Mick as he makes the decision to start using steroids and shows us what happens next.


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