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Duluth Public Library’s Read Beyond Reality Tournament

Posted by Laura on October 1, 2009

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Get ready because starting October 5th we are having the Read Beyond Reality Tournament. The battles begin at noon (Central time) on Mondays in October and end the following Mondays at 9 a.m. (again, Central time).

These are the initial match-ups:

Week 1:
Pirates vs Ninjas
. & Wizards vs Vampires.
Winners – Ninjas & Vampires

Week 2:
Robots vs Fairies. & Zombies vs Aliens.
Winners – Fairies & Zombies

Week 3:
Ninjas vs Vampires & Fairies vs Zombies.
Winners – Ninjas & Fairies

Week 4:
Ninjas vs Fairies
Ultimate winner: Ninjas

Plan your reasoning. Get your scorecard. Prepare to vote.

(But, be sure to come back here to discuss and persuade others.)

For more information, check out our website.

[What is this all about? Well, we love the idea of YALSA’s Teen Read Week and we love the theme – Read Beyond Reality @ your library, but we think that one week of celebrating the joy of reading for teens is just not enough. We blow it up into a month long celebration. So, crack open your books and study up on the contenders. There are plenty of books with wizards and vampires, and you may have to search high and low for ninjas – beyond Naruto, but there are a lot of fantastic stories to be had for teens. And, to help you out, we have booklists.]


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