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Read Beyond Reality Tournament – Week 1: Pirates vs. Ninjas

Posted by Laura on October 5, 2009

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Let the battle begin:

Pirates work in teams. Ninjas work alone. Pirates probably smell. Ninjas probably don’t. Thus pirates can’t sneak up on you. Ninjas definitely sneak up on you. There are lots of novels with pirates in them. We know of few novels with ninjas in them, but perhaps that is because ninjas are in all books. We just don’t notice them.

Who would win in Pirates vs. Ninjas? State your reasons, read the ideas of others and then vote.

For a way cool look at some of the tools that the ninja used, be sure to check out the book Swords : an artists devotion, by Ben Boos. It has a bit more than just swords and daggers. And checkout the booklists for the tournament.


10 Responses to “Read Beyond Reality Tournament – Week 1: Pirates vs. Ninjas”

  1. miranda said

    ninjas just cuz they rock and in the books i read i see ninjas more then pirates>.<

  2. dplmanga said

    Pirates dress better.

  3. dplmanga said

    Pirates have cannons. And guns.

    And they have an official “Talk Like a Pirate Day.” There is no ninja day.

  4. Laura said

    The voting is complete and the winner is: Ninjas.

  5. miranda said

    so knew it

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