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Read Beyond Reality Tournament – Week 1: Wizards vs. Vampires

Posted by Laura on October 5, 2009

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Who would win in a battle between wizards and vampires? Some wizards can fly. Some vampires can fly. Wizards have magic. Vampires are dead, so what do they have to lose? Sarah just mentioned that vampires probably smell because they are dead. A very good point. I think they would have bad breath. You know, depending on who they just ate. Can you imagine the wizard trying to cast a spell while pinching his or her nose. (For all who are conserned – a wizard is any person who can perform magic – male or female.)

State your reasons – read the reasons of others, then vote. For more fodder for your reasoning checkout the booklists.


8 Responses to “Read Beyond Reality Tournament – Week 1: Wizards vs. Vampires”

  1. miranda said

    vampires would so win and they may smell but not in the bad way i bet they shower and if you look at twilight the only thing that can kill them are werewolves ^_^

    • dplmanga said

      But a classic vampire can get killed in all sorts of ways. And are too cool to go to high school for 100 years.

      • miranda said

        lolz true but most of the ways vampires die people can die that way 2 like a stack through the heart anyone would die getting a stack through the heart>.<

  2. Laura said

    How about this… Wizards fight better at a distance. But, as seen in books like Twilight, vampires can move very fast. Vampire baseball anyone? So, would the vampire be able to get out of the range of a wizard’s attack? Or would the wizard be able to neutralize the vampire before speed becomes an issue?

  3. Laura said

    The voting is complete and the winner is: Vampires.

  4. miranda said

    ya vampires

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