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The Chosen One – Carol Lynch Williams

Posted by Laura on October 8, 2009

Kyra’s family was excited before the Prophet and his Apostles arrived at their home.  Everyone thought that the Prophet was coming to announce that Father had been Chosen to become an Apostle.  No one was prepared for what the Prophet said.

Kyra and her family are part of the Chosen Ones.  They live on the compound with the the other families of the Chosen.   Father has three wives and 21 children with two on the way.

Thirteen year old Kyra was not excited to hear that the Prophet was coming.  In fact, on page one she plotting what she could do with his body if she killed him.  So before he speaks, she is almost sure that her wishing for his death will condemn her family.  But, so too will her sneaking on board the Ironton County Mobile Library on Wheels and checking out books.  Possibly worse than the books are her feelings for Joshua, a boy who is just couple of years older than her.

What is it that the Prophet says?  The Prophet says that he had been “thinking, praying… and talking with God” (p. 24) and that Kyra is to be the seventh wife of her Father’s sixty year old brother.

The chosen one by Carol Lynch Williams is the story of Kyra struggling against the possibility of marrying her Uncle.  But what can Kyra do in a community run by a horrible Prophet?  Can she outrun the God Squad?  Can she and Joshua be together, or will she have to marry her cruel Uncle to save her family?


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