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Read Beyond Reality Tournament – Week 2: Robots vs. Fairies

Posted by Laura on October 12, 2009

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I don’t know a lot about fairies, and most of what I think I know about robots I picked up from movies and TV shows.  So with that as my background, here are my initial ideas.  Robots usually do not have flesh, but instead are made of some sort of metal.  Fairies do have flesh and some of them can’t touch iron.  While there are those robots who have weapons there are also those fairies who can alter the environment and use it as a weapon.  Some robots and some fairies (possibly most?) can fly.

Robots might be governed by laws (see Isaac Asimov for those), but fairies might all be rogue.

Who do you think would win in a battle of robots vs. fairies?

State your reasons,  read the reasons of others and then vote.  If you are interested in reading some books about the contenders, check out our tournament booklists.


7 Responses to “Read Beyond Reality Tournament – Week 2: Robots vs. Fairies”

  1. miranda said

    faries are going to win cuz there cute and nice

  2. Lena said


  3. miranda said

    NO FARIES cuz there cute and they dont malfunction

  4. Laura said

    Fairies won. Those poor robots didn’t have a chance.

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