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Read Beyond Reality Tournament – Week 3: Ninjas vs. Vampires

Posted by Laura on October 19, 2009

Our winners from week one are back. Who will win between ninjas and vampires?

Both have good tracking skills. Both are persistent. Did you know that there is vampire lore that says that they are unable to cross running water? Well, it has been said that ninjas can walk on water. With the help of tools. Some people say that it would never work, but even so, they could still swim across (unlike vampires). Or they could use a tube or a reed to breath underwater and do a sneak attack that way.

Of course, this all falls apart if the vampire steers clear of water. What is another argument? Vampires are fast. Ninjas are not anywhere near as fast. So, a point to the vampires. Ninjas can function outside during daylight hours. Depending on who’s lore you are working with, some vampires can, others can’t. Assign your own point values…

I don’t know. Who do you think will win in ninjas vs vampires? Again, state your reasons, read the opinions of others and vote.

Has anyone looked at the booklists?


One Response to “Read Beyond Reality Tournament – Week 3: Ninjas vs. Vampires”

  1. Laura said

    The votes went like this: Ninjas 22, Vampires 21. Very close.

    The Ninjas are up again this week and they are matched against Fairies.

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