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Read Beyond Reality Tournament – Week 3: Fairies vs. Zombies

Posted by Laura on October 19, 2009

Last week Fairies and Zombies won their battles and now square off against each other.

Fairies and zombies are animated by magic, but fairies are able to use theirs. Fairies are tricky and zombies are decidedly not tricky. They are determined to get to what ever it is they have decided to get to for what ever reason they started. They are unlikely to be distracted from their goal. I think that fairies are flakes. They may start out towards their goal, but are easily distracted. If they forget what they are doing the zombies may overwhelm them.

However, fairies are fleet of foot, whereas zombies are plodding. This could go to the fairies.

As usual, state your opinions, read the opinions of others, and then go vote.


One Response to “Read Beyond Reality Tournament – Week 3: Fairies vs. Zombies”

  1. Laura said

    Well, there was nothing but the sound of crickets on the blog for the week 3 battles. Which was incredibly disappointing. However, there were a few on-line votes and a number of in person votes, so we can declare a winner. Fairies. (The vote was 23 Fairies, 20 Zombies)

    Which means that the fairies are battling again this week. I think that they should be getting tired right about now…

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