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Carter Finally Gets It – Brent Crawford

Posted by Laura on December 3, 2009

Will Carter, known to everyone as Carter, and thankfully not Slappy (and is that a funny/painful story…)  is about to become a freshman at Merrian High.   Carter finally gets it by Brent Crawford is all about Carter’s freshman year and it is funny (read: hilarious) and embarrassing (read: cringe-worthy).

Carter has a mild form of ADD and has to really concentrate on not spacing out, which can be a problem when he is playing sports (football and swimming).   Luckily, he has a close group of friends but, man can he get himself into situations!

From going to high school parties where people get drunk and his bike gets stolen, to dating and bragging in the locker room, Carter has a lot to deal with.  His sister tries to help out by giving him advice.  Which isn’t a bad idea because if he does something embarrassing it will reflect poorly on her.  Expect to read language you would hear walking down the hall of a high school and expect to be telling the people around you what it is that you are reading that is so funny.  I’m sure you will easily convince others to pick up a copy.  That is, once you stop snorting and have wiped the tears from your eyes.


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