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The Knife of Never Letting Go – Patrick Ness

Posted by Laura on January 11, 2010

New World is a planet colonized a time back.  There were other people, of a sort, living on the planet when the settlers arrived.  Then there was war and the other people, the Spackle, were killed, but not before they released a toxin that gave animals the ability to talk,  killed all the women and made the thoughts of men be heard by all.  All thoughts.  All the Noise.

Todd is 30 days away from becoming a man when the novel begins, which means that he has lived 13 years and 12 months.  He is the last boy in Prentisstown, the last boy on New World,  and there won’t be any more.  There can’t be, of course.  All the women are dead.  And the only people left are the people in Prentisstown.   At least that is what Todd has known his whole life.

He and his dog, Manchee, were out picking apples in the swamp one day when they came across quiet.  Silence.  A void in the Noise.  Todd and Manchee have never, but never heard quiet.  And at the center of that quiet is a girl.

The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness is book 1 in the Chaos Walking trilogy.   Todd, Manchee and the girl are shortly running for their lives.  And running to warn others (yes – there are others) that the army that is Prentisstown is coming.  This novel is fast paced, heart wrenching, at times funny and when I got to the last page I put my head down and groaned.  What a way to end a book.  Bring on book two!


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  1. Laura said

    There is a prequel short story to the books on-line at Booktrust.

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