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Girl in the arena – Lise Haines

Posted by Laura on March 4, 2010

So, soccer (or football as it is known elsewhere) is the biggest sport in our world.  Imagine if Neo-Gladiator Sport was the biggest.  And I mean the fight-to-the-death, dress-like-an-ancient-Roman, sometimes-have-to-battle-animals gladiator.

That is the case in Lise Haines’s book Girl in the arena.  Lyn is the daughter of seven gladiators.  Meaning, that her mother, Allison, has been married seven times, each time to a gladiator.  And so far, six of them have died in the arena.

Lyn’s family is famous.  Her mother, for being a fantastic Glad-Wife, Lyn for being the daughter of seven gladiators, and the seventh husband/father, Tommy, for being at the top of the sport.  Then there is Lyn’s brother, Thad.  He is an eight year old oracle.  One of his newest statements is –I’m the most famous person you’ll ever meet.

Tommy is close to fulfilling his contract with Caesar’s Inc., but standing between him and the end is Uber.  And, alas for the outcome of this fight.  It does not end the way Lyn’s family would like.

By-laws, paparazzi, a forced marriage – there’s lots of stuff going on in this version of Boston.  Try to ignore the cover, it is misleading, or at least for a long time misleading.  And try not to let the lack of quotation marks bother you.  Learn to love the dash.  (I have not learned to love the dash, I just hope that you are able to do so.)


One Response to “Girl in the arena – Lise Haines”

  1. Laura said

    So, I meant to quote something that I had to write down as I was reading the book.

    “Mouse was the first one who taught me there’s only minimal gain in talking.” ~ Lise Haines Girl in the Arena page 80.

    I may need to have that engraved on something to remind me to stop yapping. – You know, with the author’s permission.

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