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Give up the ghost – Megan Crewe

Posted by Laura on April 8, 2010

Cass McKenna is not your ordinary high school student.  She sees dead people.  And dead people see everything.

Two dead people currently hang out in her school and Cass uses the information that they pick up to get revenge on bullies and cheats.  No one at school trusts Cass because nobody can figure out how she gets her information.  Does she use high tech gadgets?  Goes she bribe people?

Tim, the vice president of the student council gets a glimmer of an idea on how she does it.  Well, sort of.  He just really hopes that Cass can communicate with spirits because he desperately needs to talk to one.

Cass would rather talk to ghosts than “breathers” so when Tim asks for help she only agrees to help if she can use his contacts to gather some dirt that her ghosts friends can’t get.   But it may be time for Cass to start living with the living instead of communing with those from the past.  (Although it can give interesting perspectives on history.)

Give up the ghost by Megan Crewe is fun and sad and hopeful.  And I didn’t even mention the first ghost she saw.  She saw the ghost of this person before she knew that the person was dead.  Are you hooked yet?


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