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Dooley takes the fall – Norah McClintock

Posted by Laura on April 30, 2010

Dooley saw someone fall off a bridge and die.  When he arrived at the body, he recognized the boy as someone from his school.  Someone he did not like, and with good reason.

When the police arrive, they ask Dooley a lot of questions, trying to trap him in a lie.  Dooley has a record and knew not to say too much.  When he got home, very late, his uncle, a retired police officer, was upset at Dooley for 1) not returning his page and 2) for not coming directly home from work like he was supposed to.

So now, Dooley has the police looking at him, is even more uncomfortable with his uncle and has the dead boy’s sister, who is beautiful, asking questions.  On top of this is his regular problems at school with the vice principal who refuses to lay off and his lousy minimum wage job at the video store with a middle manager who likes to micro manage and over sell.

Dooley takes the fall by Norah McClintock is a well written mystery by a Canadian author.  There is a wee bit of swearing and a whole lot of who-did-what and who-killed-him and now-who-is-dead?  And, what-the-heck-did-Dooley-do-in-the-first-place?  I liked it a lot.


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