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They Never Came Back – Caroline B. Cooney

Posted by Laura on May 26, 2010

Cathy decided to go to summer school to learn a year of Latin in just a few weeks.  Two weeks into the session a boy sees her from across the cafeteria and can’t stop staring.

He excitedly crosses the room and calls her “Murielle,” the name of his cousin who has been missing for five years.  The cousin who was taken away from his family after her parents fled the country before being arrested for embezzling money, leaving her behind.

Cathy insists that she isn’t Murielle.  But soon the boy’s parents show up and are so excited to finally have their niece back.  Then the FBI appears.

The book is told in alternating viewpoints.  Cathy gets to tell her story, so does Murielle.  Then there is the girl whose mother took the fall for Murielle’s parents.  In They Never Came Back, Caroline B. Cooney tells a story with blood family and foster family.  The book wraps up very quickly, and I felt a bit cheated, but overall this is a good read.


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