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Stuck On Earth – David Klass

Posted by Laura on June 7, 2010

In Stuck on Earth by David Klass, Ketchvar III has a job to do.  He needs to decide if the human race is worth saving, or if it should be wiped from the face of Planet Earth so that another race can move in.

In order to make this decision, Ketchvar III leaves his protective shell, revealing his snail like body, and enters the nasal passage of fourteen-year-old Tom Filber.  Tom’s is perhaps not the best body to enter.  His family is having money troubles, his father mostly hides in a room upstairs, his sister is a horrid beast, and his mother likes to scream her head off at everyone.

That brings us to Tom’s school life.  All the kids call Tom “Alien,” and when Ketchvar III hears that for the first time, he thinks that his cover is blown.  This isn’t the case, it is just that Tom is an outcast.

Ketchvar III ends up in the guidance counselor’s office, and she suggests that Tom join a club.  An environmental club.  Will the club make all the difference in the world for Tom and Ketchvar III?  Or will this be the end for humanity on Planet Earth?


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