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Written in Bone: Buried lives of Jamestown and Colonial Maryland – Sally M. Walker

Posted by Laura on June 14, 2010

Interested in archeology?  How about picking up Written in Bone: Buried Lives of Jamestown and Colonial Maryland by Sally M. Walker?  This book, published in 2009, has already won a number of awards (follow the link and scroll down a bit to see the list).

Reading books about how people used to live makes me very happy to be alive in this time.  Such as,  I am happy that the toothpaste on sale today is not as gritty as the toothpaste used during the Colonial period.  I brush too hard as it is, and if I had to use the toothpaste they used I would definitely have worn all the way through to the painful pulp by now.  Ouch.

It really is incredible what can be learned about a person’s life from their skeleton.  Not only can they tell what bones were broken, how old (approximately) the person was,  or how much physical labor they did during their life, they could also examine what the bones were made of and determine where the person lived, or in this case, how long they lived in the area.  Very cool.

There are many interesting pictures and one case of a person being buried in the basement in the garbage heap.  That is not where I want to end up, and I bet that person didn’t think they would, either.


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