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Checkered Flag Cheater – Will Weaver

Posted by Laura on August 9, 2010

Checkered Flag Cheater is the third in Will Weaver’s Motor novels.  Life is pretty good for Trace Bonham.

1) He is driving for a professional Super Stock racing team.

2) His face is plastered all over the highways on billboards for Blu energy drink.  This means that he is recognizable and can get away with stuff a bit because of his celebrity.

3) His girl back home is still interested, although she is going to the prom with some other guy.

4) His car keeps winning.

Mainly the problem is how others treat him when he wins a race.  Should there really be booing?  But then again, should his engine open up late in a race and perform as good as it does?  Because that’s what’s happening.   His engine all of a sudden gives him more power when he needs it the most.  People in the stands notice.  People in the cars and the pits definitely notice.  That late in a race the car shouldn’t be able to get around the leading cars and get ahead by a few car lengths by the time the checkered flag flies.  Not a legal Super Stock car anyway.

But, the car keeps passing inspection.  Like I said, life is pretty good for Trace Bonham.  And it will stay that way.  If he doesn’t say anything.


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