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Carter’s Big Break – Brent Crawford

Posted by Laura on September 8, 2010

It is the last day of school and Carter is disappointed that he isn’t old enough (at fourteen) to be a junior lifeguard at the pool.  His dad has grand plans though.  He and Carter will rebuild the deck over the summer.   Great.

Things start looking up when Carter finds out that an independent film will be shot in his city over the summer.  Not only that, but the writer of the book that the movie is based on saw Carter and his girlfriend, Abby, act opposite each other in the spring play “Guys and Dolls” and wants them to play the leads.

The studio has a differing opinion, and the money to back it.  So, while Carter does get the lead, Abby doesn’t.  Her role is played by the teen sensation Hilary Idaho.

Carter isn’t significantly different in Brent Crawford’s  Carter’s big break from how he was in Carter finally gets it.   (Click here for blog post on that book.)  He still likes hanging out with his boys.   He still doesn’t like to drink or want anything to do with drugs (he doesn’t even like hanging around anyone who is drinking or doing drugs).  And he is still sex obsessed, but inexperienced.  Can you imagine the trouble he can get into as a star in a movie?  The paparazzi are watching.


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