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The Half-Life of Planets – Emily Franklin & Brendan Halpin

Posted by Laura on October 5, 2010

Liana found a note in her locker on the last day of school.  The note had one word on it – “slut.”  Was the one word true?  Does that one word define her? Liana, who plans on being a planetary scientist, decides to have an experiment over the summer.  Can she make it through the whole summer without kissing a boy?

Maybe she can.  Or, maybe not.  The experiment may derail when she meets an interesting boy, Hank, in the ladies washroom at the hospital.  She is there visiting her father who is having another check-up over nothing.  Hank is visiting his heart-throb brother who just had his knee scoped.

Hank hadn’t intended to go into the ladies room to clean himself up after the coffee spill.  He just wasn’t paying attention to which bathroom he was entering.  Besides, there is hardly any difference between the two rooms.  Hank has Asperger’s syndrome and relates to people and situations differently than the norm.  Is that such a bad thing?

Liana is interested in planets.  Hank is particularly interested in music.  Liana secretly plans on not kissing over the summer.  Hank secretly wants this summer to be the one where he gets his first kiss.

The half-life of planets is told through alternating viewpoints, written by two authors: Emily Franklin & Brendan Halpin.  Give it a try.   See what you think.


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