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The end of the Teens@Duluth blog

Posted by Laura on January 5, 2011

There will be no further additions to the Teens@Duluth blog.  Thank you to those of you who have followed this blog.


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Next week is HUGE!

Posted by Laura on August 17, 2010

Hey — have you been reading the Teens’ Top Ten nominees?   Hmm?   Have you?

Get ready to vote starting next week, Monday, August 23rd!  Voting ends September 17th.  Vote at www.ala.org/teenstopten

Also next Tuesday, August 24th – book 3 in the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins, Mockingjay will be released!  We also have the audiobook on order.  I can tell you, having read and listened to both of the previous books, that you can’t go wrong either way.

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Make Waves at your Library – Summer Reading Program

Posted by Laura on June 16, 2010

The 2010 Duluth Public Library summer reading programs began on Monday, June 14 and will run through July 30th.  I particularly like the artwork for the teen program this year and suggest you look here to see some of it.

We are using the punch cards again and, new this year, when you complete your first card you get to choose a paperback book to keep.  Your card will be used to enter the drawing for a chance to win a $75.00 charge card donated from U.S. Bank.  You may enter more than once, but you only get one book.

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Duluth Public Library’s Read Beyond Reality Tournament Winner Announced

Posted by Laura on November 2, 2009

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Read Beyond Reality Tournament – Week 4: Ninjas vs Fairies

Posted by Laura on October 26, 2009

ImageChef.com - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more Here we are at the last week of the tournament and we have Ninjas vs Fairies.  Who would have thought that these would be the final two?  I thought for sure that the vampires would have a go of it…

Anyway.  I would expect ninjas and fairies, both, to be hyper aware of their surroundings.  Both are committed to the effort of being unseen.  Ninjas may have a greater level of concentration and determination, whereas fairies might be a bit flighty.  Then again, fairies have magic on their side.

Who will win and be the final one standing in the Read Beyond Reality Tournament?  Cast your vote and find out next week who won.

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2009 Teens’ Top Ten Winners announced

Posted by Laura on October 19, 2009

YALSA reports that more than 11,000 teens voted for the 2009 Teens’ Top Ten and here is the list in order of votes:

1.  Green, John Paper Towns
2.  Meyer, Stephenie
Breaking Dawn
3.  Collins, Suzanne
The Hunger Games
4.  Clare, Cassandra
City of Ashes
5.  Hopkins, Ellen
6.  Gaiman, Neil
The Graveyard Book
7.  McMann, Lisa
8.  Cast,
Kristin & P.C. Untamed
9.  Lo
ckhart, E. The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks
10.  Cashore, Kristin

Of the 10, I have read four and enjoyed them all.

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Read Beyond Reality Tournament – Week 3: Fairies vs. Zombies

Posted by Laura on October 19, 2009

Last week Fairies and Zombies won their battles and now square off against each other.

Fairies and zombies are animated by magic, but fairies are able to use theirs. Fairies are tricky and zombies are decidedly not tricky. They are determined to get to what ever it is they have decided to get to for what ever reason they started. They are unlikely to be distracted from their goal. I think that fairies are flakes. They may start out towards their goal, but are easily distracted. If they forget what they are doing the zombies may overwhelm them.

However, fairies are fleet of foot, whereas zombies are plodding. This could go to the fairies.

As usual, state your opinions, read the opinions of others, and then go vote.

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Read Beyond Reality Tournament – Week 3: Ninjas vs. Vampires

Posted by Laura on October 19, 2009

Our winners from week one are back. Who will win between ninjas and vampires?

Both have good tracking skills. Both are persistent. Did you know that there is vampire lore that says that they are unable to cross running water? Well, it has been said that ninjas can walk on water. With the help of tools. Some people say that it would never work, but even so, they could still swim across (unlike vampires). Or they could use a tube or a reed to breath underwater and do a sneak attack that way.

Of course, this all falls apart if the vampire steers clear of water. What is another argument? Vampires are fast. Ninjas are not anywhere near as fast. So, a point to the vampires. Ninjas can function outside during daylight hours. Depending on who’s lore you are working with, some vampires can, others can’t. Assign your own point values…

I don’t know. Who do you think will win in ninjas vs vampires? Again, state your reasons, read the opinions of others and vote.

Has anyone looked at the booklists?

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Read Beyond Reality Tournament – Week 2: Zombies vs. Aliens

Posted by Laura on October 12, 2009

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Hmm.  I am thinking that this is an unfair fight.  What chance do the undead have against visitors from outer space?

Zombies are already dead and have a single minded, slowly determined method of going after what they want.  Aliens might be completely flabbergasted at the sight of these undead things approaching them and may not think that anything is amiss until it is too late.  The image I have in my head of zombies at this moment is similar to Homer Simpson going after donuts.  But with less saliva.

What if the aliens have something similar to zombies where they are from and have figured out a solution to the problem?  They could even cure the zombies.   On the other hand, they might just fight the zombies from space and not get dirty.  It’s also possible the aliens won’t survive getting to the battle due to our environment, or will quickly succumb a la H. G. Wells.

Maybe the zombies would win.  I don’t know.  What do you think?

State your reasons – read the reasons of others, then vote, but remember the booklists.

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Read Beyond Reality Tournament – Week 2: Robots vs. Fairies

Posted by Laura on October 12, 2009

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I don’t know a lot about fairies, and most of what I think I know about robots I picked up from movies and TV shows.  So with that as my background, here are my initial ideas.  Robots usually do not have flesh, but instead are made of some sort of metal.  Fairies do have flesh and some of them can’t touch iron.  While there are those robots who have weapons there are also those fairies who can alter the environment and use it as a weapon.  Some robots and some fairies (possibly most?) can fly.

Robots might be governed by laws (see Isaac Asimov for those), but fairies might all be rogue.

Who do you think would win in a battle of robots vs. fairies?

State your reasons,  read the reasons of others and then vote.  If you are interested in reading some books about the contenders, check out our tournament booklists.

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