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Gym Candy – Carl Deuker

Posted by Laura on September 28, 2009

Football has been the most important thing in Mick Johnson’s life since forever.  Mick’s dad, a past professional football player, made sure that Mick started kindergarten a year later then he should have so that he would have a size advantage over his team mates.

That, along with Mick’s drive and talent earn him a spot on the high school varsity team as a freshman halfback.  But, when he gets his chance on the field he gets stopped twelve inches short of the goal.

He just wasn’t strong enough.  And he is determined that next year he will be.  He lifts weights.  He takes supplements and protein shakes.  His dad brings him to a gym that has better equipment than at the school.  He also sets him up with a personal trainer.  And the trainer?  He sets Mick up with something else altogether.

Gym Candy by Carl Deuker follows Mick as he makes the decision to start using steroids and shows us what happens next.


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Super Stock Rookie – Will Weaver

Posted by Laura on August 14, 2009

Trace Bonham is back in book two of Will Weaver’s Motor Novels.  Super Stock Rookie starts with Trace, his dad, and a few buddies caravanning to  North Dakota so Trace can tryout for a new racing team scouting for a hot young driver.  He is looking pretty good after his win in his Street Stock at the Headwaters Speedway earlier in the month.

The Super Stock is a different type of car, but it still rides on a dirt track.  And Trace is good at driving on dirt tracks.  But, so are all of the others at the tryout.  Team Blu is looking for a good driver, with a good face, a good attitude and good grammar.  Trace just wonders what Team Blu is selling.

This book drives us to new tracks and back to the Headwaters.  Characters return from the first book, Saturday Night Dirt, but quite a few new characters are introduced.  Team Blu adds an edge to the regular Minnesota dirt track racing.  And not everybody is happy.

But, what a car.

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Out of His League – Pat Flynn

Posted by Laura on January 27, 2009

Ozzie Eaton is leaving Australia to go to America for a semester on an exchange.  He is leaving behind his grandfather, his friends, and his Rugby League team to go to school in Hope, Texas.

Football is huge in Texas.  And while Ozzie doesn’t know it yet, he will be huge for the Shooters.   Because while the words used might be different, the moves will still get the job done.  And when Ozzie, or Austin as he will then be called, starts playing for the team, the team starts winning and the town will start holding its head high again.

Out of His League by Pat Flynn is a fun sports import.

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The Kayla Chronicles – Sherri Winston

Posted by Laura on October 7, 2008

Kayla’s friend Rosalie has a plan. Because Kayla is a fantastic dancer, she should try out for the high school’s dance team, The Royal Palm Academy’s Lady Lions, and prove that girls who have a small bra size aren’t good enough for the team no mater their dancing skills. Then Kayla, who is also a fantastic writer and is planning to be a journalist, is to write an article and expose the Lady Lions for only choosing members for “their measurements instead of their talents.”

Kayla has always wanted to try out for the Lady Lions, but she can’t tell Rosalie that she really wants to be on the team. Rosalie’s plan falls to pieces when Kayla makes the team. But now, can Kayla still be a feminist and be on the dance team? Find out in The Kayla Chronicles.

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Saturday Night Dirt – Will Weaver

Posted by Laura on September 3, 2008

The sky looks ominous. There is a race tonight and if the Headwaters Speedway track is rained out there may not be enough money to keep the racetrack open.

Other dirt tracks in the state have been rained out, so Melody, the track owner’s daughter, coaxes some big name racers to journey to the Headwaters.  If they hit the road right away they will be in time.  Who is going to win?  Will it be the out of towners or the locals?  Can they beat the rain?

Saturday Night Dirt is dirt track racing in Minnesota.  And just like the cars, it moves fast.

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